Friday, June 2, 2017

MatrikaS-The Creative Woman's Journal

Hey guys I'm back with yet another review but this time its not a beauty or Makeup related product.
This time I got a Journal from Matrikas Paper Products.

Okay how come I got this reviewing it.Wait !!!!

Actually I came across this brand on facebook.They were running a Campaign called

"Scribble Your Heart Away" Creative Woman's Journal Blogger Outreach Program.

I registered myself on their facebook page .Matrikas Paper Pruducts.

They have this Journal in 4 Variants.

1.To Fly- Brown in color

2.To Write- Red in color

3. To Dream -Pink in color

4. To Glide- Blue in color

I choose the red one and after few days of registration this product was at my doorstep.This was nicely packed and wrapped up and reached safely at my place.
Honestly I have never used such a pretty Diary or Journal in my life.This is a very girly yet gives a formal look.

Let's talk about this beauty

  • So when you open this the first page is your personal information which is very important in case you miss it somewhere.Fill your information correctly.

  • The second page is an introductory to Creative Woman's Journal.
  • Moving on to other pages they have lined ruled pages to write your important notes.

  • There are 16 dooddle pages in between where you can draw,doodle or write your favorite quotes .

  • There are 8 pages with which are inspired from nature you can color in them.

  • They also provide you some cute stickers at the back of the diary.

  • This journal also has a pen holder to fix up at the edge.

  • Every lined page has a date column on the right side to keep you updated to your day to day notes.

I am quite impressed with this diary it has all what you need when you want to pen down your schedule,notes.The fun part is you can be a little creative by Scribbling,Doddling and using those fun stickers.You can write anything in anyway you want.

Price.This is priced at Rs.450 and available at Amazon.

A big Thank you to Matrikas Paper Products for sending me such a beautiful piece.They have such cute and pretty stationary stuff.You can check their whole range on their website.

They are very active on their social handles such as Facebook or Instagram.Stay connected for more cute and pretty things.I am leaving their links below

I am sorted with this Journal in my hand I can organise and note down my blog posts,ideas etc.

I hope you guys will give it a shot and buy t in your fav. color

I will see you in my next post

Till then

Stay Beautiful.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon 02 Red Stop Review and Swatch

Hi Beauties

So one of my favorite brands Lakme has recently launched a new range of lipsticks which are Lakme Enrich Crayon.This range has almost 10 shades which are Reds,Orange,Corals,Pinks,Brown and a Mauve too.These comes in a crayon form like a chubby lip pencil.You get a free Sharpener with every Lip crayon which is super inexpensive.I was so excited to see the color range but first I wanted to buy 1 and try out how they turn out to be.So I picked up a coral shade which is Red Stop 02.

Lets' begin the Review

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon 02 Red Stop Review and Swatch

Packaging :- If we talk about the packaging these crayons looks exactly the same color crayons which we used to have in our schools.These crayons comes in a chubby crayon type packaging.The color of the crayon is exactly the same from inside and outside so that you can easily choose the exact color.It comes with a black plastic cap on it.The tip is very sharp also soft .These crayons comes along with dual sharpener from Lakme as well which is a Yayyyyy.It is easier to sharp the pencil once you have used it to get the tip really pointed.

Price :- INR 185/-

Quantity :- 2.2gm

Available :-These crayons are easily available online and in beauty stores as well..

Shades Available :- Lakme Enrich Crayon 01 Berry Red
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon 02 Red Stop
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon 03 Candid Coral
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon 04 Mauve Magic
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon 05 Peach Magnet
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon 06 Pink burst
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon 07 Shocking Pink
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon,08 Baby Pink
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon 09 Cinnamon Brown
                                             Lakme Enrich Crayon 10 Blushing Pink

Swatch :- These Lip Crayons contains a high level of mineral powders which keeps your lips soft and gives a matte finish.These are quite soft and creamy and glides on the lips super easily.Color pay off is very good.You can swipe second coat for the exact pigmentation.

Application :-  First outline your lips with this crayon like you do with your lip liner then fill your lips with the same color and intensify the look with two swipes.

Staying Power :- 5-6 hrs.

My Review :-  Lakme has always been my favorite brand since my teenage.Every now and then if Lakme launch the affordable products I try to get my hands on them.This Lip Crayon is premium quality lipstick.The shade is very pretty it is a tomato red or near to orange shade.It has a soft and velvety texture.It is so light weight that you don't realize you have something on your lips.It is not super drying also doesn't crack your lips.The color pay off is amazing and you get exact color in one swipe.This is also a long lasting lipstick I must say.It almost stayed for good 5-6 hrs on my lips even after having my meal and tea.I am very much satisfied with the price it comes with.Super affordable and decent quality product.Good job Lakme.

Let's see how this looks on me

Final Rating :- I give this Crayon lipstick 4.5 out of 5 because i didn't see any con in this one. I highly recommend this to you people.

Go check out the new shades for your every day use.I am definitely gonna pick few more shades as now I am fully satisfied with this product.

I hope you people like this post.Let me know which shade is your favourite.

Till the next time

Stay Beautiful
<3 <3

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Makeover Professional Makeup products Review

Hi Loves,

Recently I got few goddies from Makeover Professional.Few days back I posted a picture on my Instagram.

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Many of you were asking for review so I tried these products and it came out to be a great brand to me.So I thought of doing a review and let you guys know about this brand.

I got total 5 products wich contains 2 lipsticks 2 Nail paints and 1 liquid eye liner.

This post is going to be about my experience with these few products.I have used them for about 2-3 weeks.

1. Makeover Professional Stirring Constant Shine Lipstick 051 Classic Peach

What the brand Claims:

Unique formula,Pure color,Durable and easy to touch,Make lips look moist and soft,Bright -clear,Pure and flawless,Elegant splendor of light and pleasant lips create a bright glow and attain the charm of Makeup.

                          My Review

This is the first time I tried this brand and I am impressed with product quality.This lipstick comes in a cardboard packing and have black matte body.This is a creamy soft matte having a sheen in it.So you can say it is a creamy matte lipstick.Lipstick lid has he name of the brand and base sticker has its name (Classic Peach) and its number (#051).Lipstick tube is of decent quality.The color pay off is very good.This is such a pigmented lipstick,you can get the maximum intensity in just a single stroke.
It glides on the lips very easily and doesnt let your lips dry.It is soft on the lips and also stays around 4-5 hrs during the day.For me it is a good lipstick with decent price tag.

Price :- INR 250-300

Buy it :- Flipkart


2.Tiens Lipstick By Makeover 06 Hot Red

This is also from one of the range by Makeover Professional.This also has similar outer packaging.It looks a lil sleak comparatively to the other one.This is more of those older lipsticks proper round in shape and black in color.The name of the brand is written on the cover and also the no and the shade name on the base of te tube.This has a little see through kind of a glass or plastic from where you can judge the color of the lipstick.This is totally a Matte lipstick and yes I mean a good quality matte lipstick which stays on the lips after having oily meals. I really liked the shade it is sort of deep warm red or brown kinda shade.This shade is totally In for the season.My hands are down for this one.I Loveee this one.

Price :-INR 250

Swatch :

Availble online and in beauty stores.

3.Makeover Professional Eye Definer 

This is a liquid eye liner comes in a sturdy packaging.This has a quite long and thin tip which is a plus point.I personally love those liners which has a long brush and thin from the tip.It gives a glossy kind of finish initially but after some time it dries out to be a matte.It is quite long lasting and also smudge proof.

Swatch :

4.Makeover Paris Silk Premium Nail Enamel #26

I also got this nail enamel which is a beautiful bright peachy color.It comes in a glass bottle with a small brush in it.It gives a very shiny and glossy finish.The color pay off is quite okayy. You need o apply two coats of this to get the exact color.The consistency is pretty much subtle not liquidy not solid.It dries out very quickly, which is a great plus point for a nail paint.It stays for around 5-6 days on my nails.It doesn't get creaky.All n all I find this a normal quality not much impressed.

Swatch :-

5.Tiens by Makeover Nail Polish #02

  This is also the similar nail color as I mentioned above.This is like a blood red color having very liquidy consistency.You definitely need o apply 2-3 coats of this to get the exact color.It also dries off quickly,which is a good part.Staying power is almost same like 5-6 days.This definitely reminds me of some local brands like Juice,Petals which we get on our nearby Beauty stores.

Swatch :


I am so proud of myself for this post as I reviewed 5 products in a single post. lolz

I gave my honest reviews as I am not impressed by the Nail paints but lipsticks and Eye liner are definitely good quality.I will definitely use them again.You can easily buy these from definitely recommend this brand to all my readers.It is a great quality brand having decent prices.
I hope you guys like this post ,I will see you next time.

Stay Beautiful


Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year's Eve Silver Shimmer Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Hey Loves

New Year is all set to come up and so are New year parties gearing up.I created a simple Silver shimmer eyes makeup tutorial which is wearable on day time as well as night.So let's quickly jump into the tutorial.

1. First I prep up my eyes using a concealer and then some compact powder on it to have a clear canvas to work on.

2.Then I took a silver chubby pencil and place it on my eye lids without touching my crease line to make a base the silver color.On top of that place some silver shimmer eye shadow on the lid .

3.Now take a grey color eye shadow and make a V on the outer corner of your eyes and blend it inwards covering your crease line as well.

4.To warm up this look take a dark coral shade and blend it on your crease line.

5.Use a dark black eye shadow on the outer corner of your eyes to give it a smokey effect.

6.Apply a winged eye liner on your lashline.Here I am using Maybelline Hyper Matte Liquid liner and Hyper curl mascara by Maybelline.

7.Now apply the same silver chubby pencil on your lower waterline to open up your eyes.

8.Apply the same grey eye shadow on your lower lashline to smoke out the look.

9.Now curl your lashes and give it good coats of mascara on both of the lashlines.

10.Use the same silver eye shadow and place it on your browbone.

11.Coming up to face I used Ponds BB cream on my face and some concealer on my under eyes to highlight the eyes.

12.Then I applied some blush and highlighter on my face.I am using this beautiful highlighter brick by Wet n Wild.

13.For the lips I used a bright Fuschia shade to enhance the look.This is Maybelline Color Show 110 Fuschia Flaire.

And Yesss We are good to Rock New year's Eve party.Here is the Final LOOK

Products Used

I hope you people like mine version of  New Year Eve's Makeup.

HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!!!!!

See you in my next Post.


Stay Beautiful